Siri Seems to be the Hardest Word

So I haven’t blogged in a while but recently I decided I should get back into it. This is mainly thanks to some wonderful podcasts I have started listening to by TWiT (standing for This Week in Tech). You can view all their podcasts on their website or through iTunes.

So without further ado with the iPhone 4S having come out I want to talk quickly about Siri, the main new feature. I’ve used it on a few occasions and it is great when you use it but I can’t help but think that it’s being limited by Apple right now but better to have something than nothing.

So my favorite use for Siri so far is for setting alarms and timers. The first day I had it, I just said “Wake me up in 8 hours” and it worked it out for me, then added the alarm. It didn’t even take much time to think about it.

Another use is just asking for a timer. Just saying “Set a timer for 10 minutes” creates a countdown for you. Perhaps this will become the cook’s best friend.

So far the most annoying part of Siri is that business listings aren’t currently supported outside the US. I imagine this is because Apple have not found a decent partner for this. In America it’s partnered with Yelp and as Siri is still in beta they are probably testing that their servers can cope with so many users requesting information all the time.

Which brings us to another problem with Siri; the need for a constant internet connection. If you have a bad connection or the server is busy then you get no reply.

It’s alright though, Siri is still in beta and you can see how it will eventually become integrated into everything Apple and every other company will be left trying to catch up.

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