A Few Apple Leaks

So recently it seems Apple have decided not to worry about leaks anymore. Before nothing would ever be leaked before time. First of course was the infamous iPhone 4 loss, then just this week, two iOS leaks.

Of course it’s hard to keep everything secret but it’s almost like they want them to be found so they can gauge public reaction.

So first off was a panorama option found in the Camera app that will help you take a wide-angled picture. Below you can see the rough trials on 9to5Mac.

It still seems to be quite rough so may be ages away from being included in an iOS 5 update.

Then just today is what looks like an auto-correct typing bar to help with your spelling. From the screenshots it looks like it appears as you start typing and you can tap the word you want to complete it. See the picture below from TUAW.

To me this doesn’t seem like it would help much, unless you are typing a word longer than 5 letters. I think it would depend on how quickly the corrections appear though and if it learns your favorite words quickly. The auto-correct of the iPhone is pretty good to begin with so this just seems like an unnecessary feature.

So these are obviously quite small features and maybe it just goes to show how confident Apple are that they can have things leaked and it doesn’t matter.


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