The App Rush

Firstly welcome to my blog, this will be my first post.

So as not to bore you, down to business. I currently work for a company who makes apps and let me tell you now that it is extremely hard to get your app noticed and to have that app do consistently well.

If you look at most apps they will go in somewhat of a Bell Curve (Image). This means that sales will start slowly, suddenly pick up and enjoy a few good days or weeks of sales before plummeting slowly backwards towards little to no sales.

Apps like Angry Birds (iTunes) are the exception because of its prominence as being the first “BIG” game in the iOS sphere. It’s the app that has propelled the App Store and the ideas of apps into the mainstream. As always this is the exception that proves the rule.

The most recent app that has shown signs of any continuing success is Tiny Wings (iTunes), another game featuring birds, so maybe that is the place to start when looking to create a hit game at least.

Now with reports that there are at least 400,000 apps (AppAdvice) in the App Store it seems the rush to create an app is not going to stop. The only advice I can give to you if you’re going to create an app is to work hard and get lucky.