iPhone Got 99 Battery Problems

Apple have already tried to fix this problem with the iOS 5.0.1 release (how cool was over-the-air updating by the way) but it hasn’t fixed the problem for all.

Personally I never had a problem and my 4S still manages about a day, sometimes longer depending on what I’m doing.

I think the main problem here is with the new notifications. Before you’d get the big-blue box and you could just say not now and it would go away.

Now if you’re on the lock screen you can ignore it and go away. Then when you come back it’s still there but just tucked under the time. That’s got to be using some memory which uses battery power, right?

Yes I get emails from Tesco. No, I didn't read it.

Then even if you don’t open it, it’s also being stored in Notification Center along with any other notifications you’re ignoring. Now this might be another area where your battery is being drained quickly.

The Weather widget at the top is set by default to get weather for your current location. If you are constantly pulling open notification center down then it is looking for your location again. It may have some smarts to not do it for a certain length of time but it will do it throughout the day. You can turn this off from Settings, the Location Services.

Now the main reason for posting this is my idea for lock screen notifications. This mainly comes from suddenly being awoken by a bright light to realize it was just my iPhone lighting up with a notification. I therefore turned it over and went back to bed. This led me to the idea that Apple must be able to tell when your iPhone is lying flat, face down on a table.

They not only have the light sensor but also the accelerometer to help them out. Therefore if you lie it face down then your notifications should not light up the lock screen and only appear when you unlock the screen.

What do you think? Would it work to save battery or am I just clutching at straws?


A Few Apple Leaks

So recently it seems Apple have decided not to worry about leaks anymore. Before nothing would ever be leaked before time. First of course was the infamous iPhone 4 loss, then just this week, two iOS leaks.

Of course it’s hard to keep everything secret but it’s almost like they want them to be found so they can gauge public reaction.

So first off was a panorama option found in the Camera app that will help you take a wide-angled picture. Below you can see the rough trials on 9to5Mac.

It still seems to be quite rough so may be ages away from being included in an iOS 5 update.

Then just today is what looks like an auto-correct typing bar to help with your spelling. From the screenshots it looks like it appears as you start typing and you can tap the word you want to complete it. See the picture below from TUAW.

To me this doesn’t seem like it would help much, unless you are typing a word longer than 5 letters. I think it would depend on how quickly the corrections appear though and if it learns your favorite words quickly. The auto-correct of the iPhone is pretty good to begin with so this just seems like an unnecessary feature.

So these are obviously quite small features and maybe it just goes to show how confident Apple are that they can have things leaked and it doesn’t matter.

The iPhone Thingy-Me-Bob

Right now there are lots of rumors flying around about the next iPhone and it seems people are unsure of what Apple are going to call it. It seems some people believe it called be called the 4S while others think it could be the 5. So here is why I think they will probably call it the 5 rather than the 4S.

1. It’s less confusing

Originally you had the iPhone which didn’t have a number, that was then followed by the 3G. That was then followed by the 3GS and then we have the 4. It seems Apple just want to keep it obvious which is the newest iPhone. Calling the next one 4S will create consumer confusion with them probably thinking that there’s no difference between the two models.

2. S is for Speed

This is the worst acronym I can think of to try and prove why your newer phone is better than your older. It is also very un-Apple as they now like to use words like ‘Magical’ and’Breathtaking’ etc. Speed doesn’t really mean anything and the visible difference between this current and next iPhone will probably be hard to distinguish anyway.

3. iOS 5

One thing that will definitely happen will be  that the next iPhone will run and come installed with iOS 5. Having a 4S run iOS 5 just sounds silly and by the time they would release an iPhone 5, Apple will have brought out iOS 6 to make it even more confusing.

So those are my reasons for why I think it will be the iPhone 5. In relation to the title of this post though, it won’t matter what it’s called as it will still sell in the millions. What do you think it will be called then?

For further reading on this see Boy Genius Report.

What Apple Didn’t Show You

Yesterday, June 6th, Apple showed off iOS5 and the improvements it will bring. Sure everyone is excited about Notification Center and Safari Reader but there’s one slide that interested me and it shows up right near the end of Scott Forstall’s talk. If you haven’t watched it yet you can do so for free on Apple.

This slide came up as the 200 other features that will be coming in iOS5 and I just want to highlight a few of them for you.

  • Personal Dictionary
Now the dictionary with the iPhone is pretty good but once it adds a word it’s impossible to get rid of it. This was a feature that appeared in early iOS4 demos last year but never made the final cut. I’m guessing it’s the same and will allow you to edit the dictionary to your liking.
  • Emoji Emoticons
You know those little smiley faces? Well they are Emoji and are extremely popular in Japan and China but people in other countries seem to like them too judging by the amount of Emoji apps in the App Store. It seems Apple are finally going to open it up to all users with iOS5 though.
  • Swipe to Delete Songs
A song somehow got synced over that you hate but it’ll be OK as it looks like you’ll be able to delete straight from your device.
  • Custom Vibration Patterns and LED Flash
While custom vibration patterns seems like a great way to tell what are important phone calls apart from not-so-important you’ll also now be able to turn the LED on the iPhone4 into a beacon. This seems to be an idea pilfered straight from Blackberry, along with iMessages of course. Could this also hint at an LED flash being included on the front for the next iPhone?
It definitely seems like Apple has a lot planned for this update and it seems like a long wait until Fall. I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s released just a few days before the traditional September Apple event so you’ll likely have to wait until then. Also expect the next iPhone to be announced then.