The iPhone Thingy-Me-Bob

Right now there are lots of rumors flying around about the next iPhone and it seems people are unsure of what Apple are going to call it. It seems some people believe it called be called the 4S while others think it could be the 5. So here is why I think they will probably call it the 5 rather than the 4S.

1. It’s less confusing

Originally you had the iPhone which didn’t have a number, that was then followed by the 3G. That was then followed by the 3GS and then we have the 4. It seems Apple just want to keep it obvious which is the newest iPhone. Calling the next one 4S will create consumer confusion with them probably thinking that there’s no difference between the two models.

2. S is for Speed

This is the worst acronym I can think of to try and prove why your newer phone is better than your older. It is also very un-Apple as they now like to use words like ‘Magical’ and’Breathtaking’ etc. Speed doesn’t really mean anything and the visible difference between this current and next iPhone will probably be hard to distinguish anyway.

3. iOS 5

One thing that will definitely happen will be  that the next iPhone will run and come installed with iOS 5. Having a 4S run iOS 5 just sounds silly and by the time they would release an iPhone 5, Apple will have brought out iOS 6 to make it even more confusing.

So those are my reasons for why I think it will be the iPhone 5. In relation to the title of this post though, it won’t matter what it’s called as it will still sell in the millions. What do you think it will be called then?

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